We produce not only stairs, doors and furniture – we can also produce other interior details,
decoration elements, windows, window sills, skirting boards, panellings, folding-screens or outdoor furniture.


The main activity of our company is the production of non-standard wooden products: stairs, doors, furniture. We offer designing and manufacturing services. Open since 1991, we  offer you the most professional services in this area.


According to your idea, sketch, picture or project, we will create exclusive furniture or other wood products for you. We will help you to use all the useful space of the premises. We use exclusive wood sorts for our products in order to assure their durability: • oak • ash • maple • black alder


We arrive at your home or office to measure the space. We create and coordinate a project that best suits your vision. We help you to choose the materials. We guarantee that our products are made only from well-dried and responsibly selected wood. We take care of the installation of the furniture at your home or office.


Every piece of furniture is made with love, by carefully choosing the most suitable wood and thoroughly treating it. We do eliminate all the shortcomings of our fault. Your furniture made by our hands will not only be the cornerstone of the interior – it will become the legacy for your grandchildren.


We sell dry and wet wood, dried board cuttings, cut to 30 cm and stacked on pallets, fuel briquettes, dried oak, ash, maple and black alder boards.

Sawdust briquettes are well suited to all solid fuel boilers and fireplaces. Produced of oak and ash chips and sawdust, processed by high-pressure. No chemicals or binding materials.

We trade in chips of dry boards cut in the size of 30 cm and placed on the palette (see pictures). Dry boards are well suited to your fireplace, they are sultry and easily combustible.

Waste of trimmed logs bundled in packages. Divided according to the type of wood, i.e., oak, ash, maple or black alder. Firewood is by 3 m in the bundles. Well suited to solid fuel boilers.

Dry oak, ash, maple and black alder wood. The programmes of drying machines measure the moisture of dried wood, control the speed, quality and optimum time of drying during which the wood achieves the moisture of 6-9%.