Wet Firewood

Wet Firewood

Wet firewood from oak, ash, maple, black alder. We trade in waste of trimmed logs bundled in packages (see pictures). The packages are bundled and divided according to the type of wood, i.e., oak, ash, maple or black alder. Firewood is by 3 meters in bundles. Wet firewood is well suited to solid fuel boilers.

  • Moisture: 50-70%
  • Dimensions: length ~3 meters;  ø~1,000;  volume ~2.3 cubic metres.


Price of package

Black alder firewood: 50 Eur + VAT

Maple firewood: 50 Eur + VAT

Oak firewood: 60 Eur + VAT

Ash firewood: 60 Eur + VAT

*In case of larger quantity, price negotiation is possible

Contact phone +370 687 97808 (Jonas)