Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen Furniture Manufacturing to Specify Your Needs and Space Opportunities


We produce unique, non-standard kitchen furniture tailored for your home or office. We provide all-in-one service: help you choose styles and materials, we measure the place, prepare the design, produce and assemble furniture in place. When designing your dreams kitchen, we pay special attention to aesthetics, we thoroughly assume the ergonomics of your future kitchen, so that it is especially convenient and enjoyable to make food in it, everything is laid out intuitively and “at your fingertips”.

We apply the newest technologies and high-quality fittings in the production of non-standard kitchen furniture. Furniture is produced of laminated wood chipboard board with facades of various materials – solid wood, sheets, laminated wood chipboard, wood chipboard or veneer wood chipboard.

Intuitive layout of main kitchen accents: stoves, sinks and refrigerator positions.

Precisely defined food, spice, oil storage areas, cleaning supplies, cooking, dish-drying zones.

Ergonomic design of kitchen cabinets: so that they are tight, but it’s easy to remove things from them.

Quality materials and work ensure the kitchen furniture will last for a long time and will remain in perfect condition.

Adjustable heights of kitchen worktops for comfortable cooking.

Appropriate lighting for kitchen workstations.

Special waste sorting drawer.

Kitchen surfaces are easy to clean, free of gaps for dirt or moisture.