About Us



We specialise in producing non-standard furniture since 1991, therefore we can offer you the most professional services in this area. Comfortable furniture should combine everything: functionality, ergonomics and attractive design that fits into the interior. Properly matched to specific needs, the selected furniture will help you feel comfortable and cosy. We will help to use all the useful space of the room.


If you require a non-standard exclusive staircase, interior doors, if you are in search of original and functional furniture for your home or office, please contact us. In accordance with your idea, sketch, photograph or with the project we have presented, we will create you exclusive furniture or other wood products.


Our products are of exceptional quality and original design. They are durable and singular. Made with love. We use durable wood for the manufacture of our products: • oak • ash • maple • black alder. Our hand-made furniture will not only be a charming accent of the interior, it will become a legacy for the future generations of your family.


Non-standard stairs, doors, beds, kitchen and other furniture from solid wood, chipboard or plywood are not the only products that we manufacture. In addition to that, we sell dry and raw firewood, fuel briquettes as well as dried boards from oak, ash, maple and black alder. We have established sawmill in the company and we have started using American wood dryers in the production process.                                              Thanks to the reorganization of CJSC “Ąžuolų pynė”, we have improved the quality of products and the efficiency of the production process. We have as well started to product billets from hardwood trees.


Our Services

Consultations of designers and architects on the design and manufacture of wood products. We do all the work ourselves: we arrive to your house or office to take measurements. We prepare and coordinate the project that best fits your vision. We are ready to help you to choose the materials.


Accurate production respecting the deadlines. The lead time for an order is individual and depends on the complexity of the project. Also, the deadline for fulfilling the order may vary due to circumstances beyond our control (uneven walls and/or floor, improperly executed work on the electrical installation, incorrectly performed work on the installation of plumbing, piping and ventilation).


Professional installation. We install and assembly most of the wood products directly in the premises of the client. The work is carried out quickly and qualitatively. After assembling the product, we carefully clean up the space.


Guaranty care. All our products are subject to a 12 month warranty to eliminate defects caused by fault. The defects that occurred during the warranty period are eliminated at your own expense. We draw your attention to the fact that the quality assurance of the products does not apply in the following cases:


  • If product defects are due to inappropriate use, or the product has been damaged chemically, mechanically and thermally.

  • If wooden surfaces were not cleaned by using special products for wood cleaning and polishing or if these have not been used properly.

  • If the product has changed due to natural wear or discoloration of the surface.

  • Due to variation of colours and patterns of wooden products, since wood is a natural product and can have imperfections.

  • Due to variation of colours and patterns (when comparing wooden products specified in the colour palette and the final product), which arose due to natural qualities of the wood used.