Staircase – the heart of the house!


It is often said that a staircase is an expensive pleasure. Indeed, a quality staircase requires a lot of investment. On the other hand, a staircase is the heart of the house! In order for the staircase to be safe, comfortable, durable, and to retain its original appearance for many years, one should remember a few tips and discuss them with the builders at the beginning of the construction of the house.

First of all, you should plan the staircase as early as possible. Only if a staircase is properly designed and installed in the right place, it will be comfortable to use and will meet all technical requirements. An important aspect is the direction of the stairs, it depends on the layout of both first and second floors.


You can call staircase experts after building the walls and the roof of the house, after installing doors and windows, but before starting the decoration work. Therefore, it will be easier for them to carry out all your plans and visions. This step is especially important if your house is small – when designing a staircase you will avoid demolition of already constructed walls, widening holes, etc.


When renovating a house, discuss the future staircase with specialists even before the start of the reconstruction


There should be no heating devices (fireplaces, radiators, etc.) installed around or under the staircase. Wood can deform or crack under the influence of heat. Generally, any temperature fluctuations can damage the wood and affect the overall appearance of the staircase.


After agreeing all the details and confirming the project, postpone the installation of the staircase until the end of the construction work. It is usually recommended to install a staircase before the penultimate painting of the walls. This will help to avoid any damage caused to stairs and walls


It is also important to leave enough time for the surfaces to dry after concreting and plastering works are finished. The shortest drying period in the heated rooms is three weeks. If the room is unheated, unventilated, it will take much longer. Patiently adhere to these recommendations, there is no need to hurry, because humidity and wood are simply incompatible.


To be able to enjoy the staircase for many years, provide it with proper care. Manufacturers recommend to clean wooden surfaces in a dry way (instead of wet cleaning), to choose cleaning agents that do not contain nitrosolvents. The metal parts of the ladder should be cleaned with products intended for stainless steel.

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Tips About Caring For Wood Products




  • When using wooden products, one should be aware of the fact that this is a high-quality product that needs proper use and care.

  • Installed wooden products are often being damaged during the on-going decoration work: they are damaged by solvents, scratched, covered with dust. If microclimate of the premises is not maintained properly, products may deform or swell.

  • Ensure that he premises are properly ventilated during the decoration work (plastering, concreting) and several months after it. Moisture may lead to mould growth. In addition, wood products may deform, varnished surfaces may bleach, the wood may change colour. The surface and the colour of wood may change due to damage caused by building materials. In this case, the products are irrevocably damaged.

  • During the finishing work, it is necessary to cover wood products with a transparent film, cardboard, etc. in order to avoid any damage caused by plaster, soil or paint.

  • Keep the film for no longer than 3 days. After installation, it is necessary to unpack the film in such a way that moisture does not accumulate between the film and the product.

  • Scratched products are aesthetically spoiled. Only in rare cases defects of this type may be eliminated. It is usually necessary to replace the product or its part with a new one.

  • To keep your products beautiful and intact, clean those thoroughly using products designed for wooden surfaces.

  • Do not use powerful household cleaning products as they may damage varnished surfaces or the varnish itself, and the wood may change colour. In addition, powerful cleaners may damage other parts of the product (glass, fittings).

  • Read the label instructions of the cleaning products carefully and do observe them when cleaning. Cover or protect the product when cleaning other surfaces near it. In case of spilling acid cleaner on the surface of the product, rinse it immediately with clean water.

  • Do not use powdered cleaning products nor other abrasive cleaners.

  • We recommend to use Teknovax or Glasurit Quick & Easy products that are designed for varnished and painted surfaces. When using one of these cleaners, the product surface is covered with an additional layer protecting against damage, the surface becomes more elastic and shiny. These cleaners can be applied with a cloth or a sponge. No additional polishing of the surface is needed. Before using these cleaning products, read the label instructions carefully.

    If the painted or varnished surface of your product has changed the colour slightly, this is due to the natural impact of the environment (sun, air, moisture).

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